Refurbished smartphones: what are the benefits for the environment?


Refurbished smartphones: what are the benefits for the environment?

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The advantages that buying a refurbished smartphone has for the environment are so many. To better understand them, let’s start from a fundamental fact. More than 7 billion people live on earth and more than 60% of these have a mobile phone. These are impressive numbers that are linked to another data destined to make us reflect. In fact , the average consumer switches smartphones after a year or less best iphone repair singapore.

This leads to an increase in the number of smartphones which in turn leads to an unprecedented impact on the environment. All this cannot be left indifferent. For this opt for the purchase of refurbished smartphonesturns out to be a great choice. A safe, conscious, ethical and green choice!

But let’s look in detail at what are the benefits for the environment that derive from the purchase of refurbished smartphones.

Refurbished smartphones: the main benefits for the planet

Reduction of greenhouse gases

We talked about the dangerousness of greenhouse gases in detail in the article “CO2 emissions: why are they so dangerous?”. But one fact leaps to the eye. One device generates up to 75 kg of CO2. Furthermore, both the production and disposal of smartphones involve an additional cost in terms of energy and raw materials.

Reduction of electronic waste

In the danger of e-waste (electronic waste) we talked about in the article “E-waste: what they are and why they are dangerous”. The massive production of electronic devices leads to more electronic waste. E-waste is a growing problem all over the world. Once an electronic item has reached the end of its use, in fact, the first problems begin. While some electronic components are recycled, many are thrown into landfills.