How to choose the appropriate small water pump in Singapore?


How to choose the appropriate small water pump in Singapore?

In the current world, water pumps are essential for carrying hot and cold water through a compact system. One of the most common places that one might find a small water pump singapore are hospitals, schools, households, and almost all commercial buildings. Some of the factors to take into account to choose the appropriate water pump are as follows:

  1. Flow Rate

Also referred to as the effectiveness of a pump, it is the time taken to pump a specific amount of water. A small water pump with a flow rate in-between 100-200 liters per minute would be suitable for your home.

  1. Inlet Size

Most pumps have an inlet size between 1-6 inches. In contrast, in centrifugal water pumps, a more oversized inlet valve is necessary for more water to be sucked from the inlet and discharged through the outlet valve.

  1. Quality of Pump

The brand of the pump needs to be considered, especially the engine and motor depending on it. Conducting necessary research will help you identify suitable quality pumps based on your utility.

  1. Maximum Head& Pressure

Maximum head refers to the longest distance a pump will be able to pump water vertically upwards. Generally, the suitable pump would be identified as the pump that will have a full head higher than the height you intend to pump water.

These were a few factors one should consider before purchasing a small water pump based on their requirement. However, during purchasing, one should also check the pump’s warranty and the maintenance frequency for that specific pump.