All You Need To Know About FSSD Submission


All You Need To Know About FSSD Submission

fssd submission

Every office, commercial, renovation, and construction works need to submit some required details and need approvals before they start their work. As per the rules of the Fire Safety and Shelter Department, all commercial and industrial building owners need to submit their fire safety planning to the fire safety and shelter department for approval. Many owners are not aware of this fssd submission, all industrial buildings must submit their fire safety plans. If some owners fail to submit or does not able to handle the fire-related issue can face dire consequences from the authorities.

What is a fire safety plan?

A fire safety plan is an official document that contains all the aspects and solutions of fire safety for a specific commercial or industrial building. It is a formal document consisting of all the procedures and steps that can be followed during fire emergencies. The fire safety plan covers all the important emergency steps like regular fire check-ups, fire safety training, and evacuation plan. If a commercial or industrial building fails to prepare fire safety plans then it can lead to business lawsuits, property damages, accidents, and fatality.

Why fire safety plan is important?

Without proper safety fire measures, any fire accidents cause damage and even deaths. Therefore, it is necessary to submit a safety plan to the authorities. The fire safety document is designed to ensure the following measure:

  • It helps to identify the critical types of equipment and machines that need to be shut off.
  • Methods to control fire accidents.
  • Ways to minimize the loss.

The fire safety plans need to follow by every member of the building. Working together with a proper plan will reduce fire accidents.