Is Japanese Translator HongKongthe Most Trending Thing Now?


Is Japanese Translator HongKongthe Most Trending Thing Now?

Anonymous service

Pangeanic has developed a comprehensive knowledge anonymization service and a unique AI-based strategy to reliably help companies anonymize their data in various jurisdictions, such as HIPPA and APPI in Japan, in addition to GDPR in the EU and CCPA in the US. Anonymization is quickly becoming a requirement for all forms of businesses handling personal data, whether it is to be shared or not. has the potential to be secure.

The key concept of anonymization is to remove a person’s information or knowledge about a specific person from printed knowledge, so that no sensitive information can be attributed to a single person. This is a GDPR requirement for all European companies and companies worldwide that handle knowledge of European residents, and it applies to knowledge that is transmitted, published or disseminated.

The anonymization process is not limited to removing direct identifiers that may be contained in a dataset. A more proactive approach may use various pieces of knowledge (secondary information such as family relationships, nationality, job description, etc.) to identify individuals and should require anonymization if necessary.

Translation Service Providers

What type of translation do you need by japanese translator hong kong?

High-end translation services

Our high-end translation agency exceeds the requirements of ISO 17100 (Global Translation Practice). Typical clients are departments that need promotional texts.

Quick Translation Services

When you need a document translated urgently or for information purposes, we offer a quick translation service.

Standard Translation Services

Your document will be translated and proofread by our skilled translators, which guarantees a high quality service. It is also checked by a competent test manager.

Proofreading services

If you have sufficient knowledge of the target language, proofreading means that you have created your own primary template and want someone to process the final native template.