Watch PasivadiPranam movies for free on Aha


Watch PasivadiPranam movies for free on Aha

Watch PasivadiPranam movies for free on Aha

Pasivadipranam is a telugu old classic chiranjeevi film written by Jandhyala and directed by A. Kodandarami Reddy. It is a crime fiction film that is quite new to the Telugu audience in those times. It was released in the year 1987 and got a big hit. You can watch pasivadipranam movies for free on aha and one of the best telugu old movies ever released. Watch pasivadipranam movie online now!

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Chiranjeevi

Actress: Vijayashanti

Other Actors: Sumalatha,Raghuvaran, Babu Antony

Director: A. Kodandarami Reddy

Based: Geetha Arts

Producer: Allu Aravind

Music: K. Chakravarthy

Cinematography: Lok Singh

Editing: M. VellaiSwamy

Story By: M. VellaiSwamy

Other information:

Runtime: 2h 20min

Release date: 23 July 1987

Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller

Box Office: ₹5 crore


Madhu, an alcoholic person who is shown as a painter in the beginning, lives his life below the means and suffers from emotional trauma as his wife was killed in an accident right after their marriage. He loved her so much that he found alcohol as the only source of solution for a good night’s sleep. As he is in despair, a dumb and deaf kid enters into his life and he names him raja and takes care of him but he never stops drinking. Slowly it will be revealed that raja’s mother was murdered by two people venu and his assistant and raja is the only witness of that murder. Venu is in quest of finding raja to get rid of him. Madhu and Raja mingles in a fight at a shopping mall with Geeta as she blames Raja for accidentally breaking her new bought gift. She thinks they both are father and son. She later realizes her mistake and goes to apologize and becomes good friends with them. After knowing the truth about their relationship, she falls for Madhu and it is revealed to her that Raja is none other than her sister’s son. Madhu stops his drinking habit as Raja’s life went into risk as venu tried to kill him. Madhu will be accused of murder and police arrests him. What happens from then and what truths will be revealed is the mystery that thrills you. 

Technical Assets:

  • Background score of the movie is crazy! Did you hear the sound while fighting and any dialogue, they are very dominating and involve and alert the audience.
  • Story of the movie is just epic. A kid who can’t talk and a hero taking care and being responsible for him would be very simple to hear, but the twist and turns in the movie made it very interesting and added spark. 

Artist Performance:

  • Chiranjeevi the dynamic and ruling king of telugu film industry had single handedly ran the story.
  • Vijayshanti was beautiful and lovely to watch.

This is a must watch film if you are a fan of chiranjeevi as it is one of his best classics. You can watch pasivadipranam movies for free on aha and one of the best telugu old movies ever released.