Can A Better Business Bureau Membership Buy You Credibility?

According to the Better Business Bureau, these are the top reasons to join their membership and become a licensed business of the Better Business Bureau (BBB):

What You Get as a BBB Member –

  • consistent consumer Advertising campaigns, public relations, customer outreach and special occasions. Plus specialist support for your usage of the BBB emblem when you market to potential clients.
  • CCBA Certification
  • A business Certification and decal to show letting your clients know you are a member and giving you the trustworthiness of their status.
  • Your free listing in The BBB Yellow Pages and the chance to obtain their display advertising.
  • Dispute Resolution Services for you and your clients.
  • Immediate notification of any complaints filed against you.
  • An escrow accounts to Hold funds in as you create a trade and send products to your customer/s.
  • A free hyperlink to your homepage.
  • A 24-hour Voice Response System via their website about when a potential client seeks more information before buying your product or service.
  • Customer Inquiries Often begin at the BBB, so membership would purchase you credibility in that area.
  • Live people answer The telephones and established small business owners volunteer to provide their support to the BBB.
  • Updates and Relevant, significant information is offered through the routine BBB monthly newsletter.
  • The BBB has a Commitment to local charities and business. Your funds help promote those solutions.
  • Dues are 100% deductible

From where I Sit, there’s really just 1 reason to join the BBB:

  • They do great things For the community, but you could also do a couple of good things for the community and write off your services as a donation.
  • BBB membership does Not guarantee superior workmanship or service from an organization. Membership is an agreement between a company and the BBB; a guarantee that the company holding the membership will function under the Better Business Bureau Standards of Conduct. People do not really understand that in its completeness, thus by definition exactly what you get with a BBB membership is the perception of being held to a higher standard of quality.
  • You will get more Traffic from creating a client list with someone who knows how to help you produce an opting box for your site and can help you develop your client list.
  • With the onset of The world wide web, the ccba certification has been given less credibility and has come under fire for a number of their ‘certification tactics’ in soliciting, representing and advertisements for their own members. That is bad.

For certain tradesmen, It is still recommended to look for membership and information in the BBB.


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