Real Estate

The Way to Locate a Beverly Hills Real Estate Agent

You have decided to sell your house, your main asset. And obviously you want the best price possible whatever kind of market the real estate market is now experiencing. It is important for you to locate the ideal person to sell your home. This means you are looking for a negotiator.

This is my Step-by-step guide on finding the perfect realtor from a house seller’s standpoint who has been through this process numerous times.

Beverly Hills Luxury Real Estate

Create a list of the Qualities you seek in a broker.

Sounds easy enough and it is. This exercise makes it quite clear in your mind what you are after and can help you understand your property more. If you are selling your house with a spouse then this measure also puts you on the same page.

Here’s an illustration of what qualities we were looking for in a real estate agent after interviewing numerous to market our acreage property in Beverly Hills:

  • Honest – somebody who’s up front and straight down the line, no fluff.
  • Open – someone who communicates regularly and keeps you completely current with the procedure. Someone willing to contact you not only when they get an enquiry but that touches base with you once you are getting no bites.
  • Ambitious – somebody who seeks the absolute greatest price from a purchaser as opposed to any sale price is going to do just so that they get their commission beverly hills luxury real estate.
  • Prompt/Punctual – somebody who reacts fairly quickly with some of yours or possible buyers queries. Efficient.
  • Recognizing – someone who knows you and your objective.

Do not Hesitate State quite clearly what you seek on your vendor’s beverly hills real estate agent. Be amazed if a seller’s agent asks you what do you search? Bonus points for this man!

Independent Valuation

Get an independent property value, not someone advocated from your lender, to perform a valuation on the property. An independent property valuer has no ulterior motive apart from doing what they are paid to do worth your property. Prices vary starting from $400AUD. worth the investment.

Finding an Agent

Again do a little research. Get on real estate sites and search for listings in your area and take note of who they are listed with. You will establish is the representative for your region of the seller. For them, but do not settle. It is very important to interview at least two to compare.

Start interviewing

So begin interviewing them you have two to three real estate agents in your list. Bear in mind, your property to the best of their ability and their function is to represent you. Take note of overall understanding of your area, the telephone manner, attitude and they could organize an inspection of your premises. What is their experience? Ask them to email you a list of the 10 possessions. You can check this or you could check it. Everything you are looking for is their activity for the year. Also be frank in needing to understand their selling procedure.


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