Search Engine Optimization for Baidu – How Different Is It Than Google SEO?

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Search Engine Optimization for Baidu – How Different Is It Than Google SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a scientific research on internet search engine, so when it involves SEO, you have to understand well about the internet search engine you are targeting. In the English talking world, Google is the No. 1 internet search engine, yet when it involves China, the local search huge Baidu outweighs Google with no doubt.

Most of the moment, Baidu SEO as well as Google is the same, yet there are still some realities that those who know with Google must remember:

  1. Baidu is more sensitive regarding over-optimization.

Baidu is much less tolerant regarding the issue of over-optimization, so be careful when you are enhancing your website. Looking also wise may draw in Baidu’s attention as well as make it place you in the sandbox. Do some tiny blunders such as failing to remember alt tags, meta key words, etc to make on your own look innocent.

  1. Human treatment.

Human intervention is generally seen on Baidu, and also the best china seo option for it is – just avoid it. For some warm key phrases, despite how tough you try, you just can’t make it to the top. An extensive keyword research is very important to avoid a waste time and also cash.

  1. Link building.

Google has actually ended up being an increasing number of fussy on backlinks, on the various other hand, Baidu seems extremely open – it also recognizes points out of domains as backlinks. This is excellent news for SEO, since the task of web link building is easier. Don’t get high – please testimonial Fact No. 1 – Baidu is more sensitive concerning over-optimization, which implies a rapid boost of back links can put you in problem.

  1. Baidu prefers worldwide domain names.

Unlike Google, that usually choose a regional domain name such domain,. cn domain, etc for neighborhood searches, Baidu typically shows choice on international domains.

The above are four most apparent distinctions in between Baidu SEO as well as Google SEO, if you have anything to add, feel free to comment.