Photos of the Day: New Runway, Rail Corridor Take Shape at Gary Chicago International Airport

In this shot, you can see the existing runway and the current location of the railroad tracks that need to be relocated at top left. In the center of the picture, land has been cleared and prepared for the runway extension, whose outline can be seen. The bright white path sweeping around from lower left to the upper center of the photo is the bed for the relocated rail line.

Some terrific new pictures provided to the Gary Chicago International Airport by NIPSCO vividly illustrate the rapid pace of developments at the airport as the runway expansion project rolls on toward completion in 2013. Go below the fold for more.

This is the point north of the airport where the existing railroad line will shift to its new path. Two new railroad bridges have been built here as part of the project.

The new vehicle overpass on Airport Road takes shape. The new train line will run beneath the overpass on its way around the airport.

At the apex of its curve, the new rail line parallels Cline Avenue and passes above a recently completed box culvert, the entrance and exit to which can be seen on either side of the curve.

After making a wide turn around the airport, the train line rejoins its original path.

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