NIRPC, NWI Forum Support Extension of RDA State Funding

The Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission and the Northwest Indiana Forum have joined the chorus of regional organizations supporting the Regional Development Authority’s request for continued state funding beyond 2015.

The State of Indiana currently provides $10 million annually to the RDA, which is matched by $17.5 million in local contributions. This state funding, which is drawn from the Major Moves program, is scheduled to end in 2015.

“[T]he success of the RDA n driving projects with regional impact and in leveraging significant funding to match their own investment is in part due to the certainty of the funding stream,” states the Forum. “Clearly, there is considerable work needed to build on the successes achieved to date. This will be maximized by agreeing to extend the State of Indiana funding for the RDA and doing so before 2015.” Read their complete position paper here (.pdf).

“In order to sustain the economic development and job creation benefits provided by the RDA, NIRPC supports continued funding from the State of Indiana,” NIRPC’s resolution adds. Read their statement here (.pdf).

Both NIRPC and the Forum are invaluable regional organizations and have been key partners of the RDA since 2006. We are thankful for their continued support.

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