Development Snapshots: Gary

(Editor’s note: as part of our RDA Transformations video project, the Regional Development Authority asked area communities what RDA had meant to them. This is one of a series of community narratives that were provided to us. Earlier Snapshots can be found here, here, here and here.)

Every raging fire starts with a spark; the $28 million RDA investment in Gary’s Marquette Park is the spark that serves as the catalyst for additional robust development in the immediate Miller Beach Neighborhood, having a far-reaching impact on the remainder of the city and region.

The park bordered by Lake Michigan on the North and The Dunes National Lakeshore to the West and South enhances the urban recreation destination and investment. Encouraged by this, the Miller Beach Arts and Creative District (MBACD), have projects planned in a designated arts district 1.5 miles from the park.

Planners envision a family catching the South Shore train from Millennium Park in Chicago, getting off the train at the planned Transit Oriented Development (TOD) walking the short distance thru the district to the newly renovated Lake Street Beach, enjoying the day, shopping, and dining then catching the train back to the city.

Additionally capitalizing on the momentum of the RDA investment are plans for the TOD, Industrial/Business Park East, and possible Hotel Resort located at Lake Street beach. All of these projects are monumental economic and redevelopment investments for Gary, affording the citizens improved urban recreation facilities, transportation choices, employment, lodging, while locating national chains and small businesses at Lake Michigan.

Collectively a TOD at Lake Street, MBACD projects, Industrial/Business Park, and a proposed Hotel Resort creates $250 million of public/private investment resulting in:

  • 1092 Construction Jobs
  • 445 Full Time Jobs
  • 600 Part Time Jobs
  • 410 Market Rate dwelling Units

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