East Chicago Seeking to Connect Contractors and Local Workers for Lakefront Project

From the City of East Chicago:

The City of East Chicago is seeking Qualified Contractors to work on the $17 Million Dollar RDA funded Phase One Waterfront Revitalization Project.

Mayor Anthony Copeland is breaking new ground with connecting contractors, subcontractors, qualified workers and unskilled laborers together to work on East Chicago projects with a new and innovated website called the Workforce Employment Connection. For more information visit www.eastchicago.com and click on the link Workforce Employment Connection.

Any contractor that is awarded a construction project from the City of East Chicago will be required to register at this site. The contractor can then seek out any City of East Chicago resident workforce applicant who may possess the necessary skills to help fill positions on the project. There is no fee for this service.

The site also provides the residents of East Chicago an opportunity to share their resumes directly with any contractor that is awarded a construction project in the City. This contractor is then encouraged to seek out hiring opportunities of workforce personnel that resides within the City of East Chicago. There is no fee to join and no monthly service or subscription fees. Residents applying must have work experience.

For complete information click here.